Body Of A Woman

Intolerance Takes Place In The Body Of A Woman

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Francesca Mazza is sitting in front of us, wearing a floral dressing gown and holding a book, which she reads absently. When the show begins, it turns its gaze and speech to the spectators; and then he places them on his belly, cradling with his voice what it contains, touching it with love.
A mother appears to us talking to her child during a blueberry juice breakfast, because caffeine hurts and it is better to start the day with healthy food. Her eyes protrude to look down past the breast as she speaks to the belly of her body, which is no longer a child. Little else is given to us to observe, in this proscenium crushed on a heavy red velvet curtain, beyond which – the woman tells us – there is a family getting ready to start the day. A father in the shower; a child watching a dvd before going to school.

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