Art’o_cultura and politics of the scenic artstoday it represents the most important Italian publication dedicated to performing arts. Created in April 1998, under the direction of Gianni Manzella, Art’O has been an independent edition since its inception, making use of important collaborations, at an Italian and international level: in its pages contributions by artists, critics and intellectuals have appeared of “historical” relevance, but also belonging to the last generation (both artistic and critical). The fundamental objective of Art’o is in fact to intertwine the gaze on the history of art and thought, in particular of the twentieth century, with the experiences of the most contemporary, avoiding any historiographical “freezing” but also any fetishization of the “new” . The theme of the younger generations is central to its policy: for this reason,

Art’O is a member of TEAM NETWORK (Transdisciplinary European Art Magazines), a network that involves several European magazines and that operates internationally a remapping of creative realities in the stage arts.